81% of parents steal kids’ candy

Eighty-one percent of parents steal Easter candy from their kids, according to a survey by the National Confectioners Association.

89 percent first eat the ears off of a chocolate Easter bunny; 6 percent eat the feet first, and 5 percent the tail.

24 percent listed cherry as their favorite jelly bean flavor; 19 percent named strawberry; 15 percent said licorice, and 12 percent said lemon.

As not-very-religious Jews, we decorated eggs at Easter time, but I don’t remember much candy. My grandfather was in the candy business — he loved Easter — but my mother said sugar was bad for our teeth.

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  1. Heh…this isn’t a surprise to anyone, besides, most kids eat so much candy they are overdosed on sugar to even notice some missing. Another thing, parents can buy all the easter candy they need on Monday, April 21, as stores will start to mark it down to make room for Mother’s Day stuff 🙂

    • Ann in L.A. says:

      It’s a surprise to me that it isn’t closer to 100%.

    • I never see marked-down candy around here. It just disappears, usually the day before the holiday in question. I’d be willing to bet the Walgreens already has their beach toys and sunscreen out where the Easter candy was.

  2. SC Math Teacher says:

    It’s not stealing if I paid for it.

  3. It is NOT stealing!!

    It’s quality control and safety. I mean, would you want you kids to eat a peep without enough sugar?

  4. I just bought four solid milk 3oz chocolate bunnies for 50 cents each (yum)