$33,500 per year to teach ‘napping’

Manhattan school for babies will charge $33,500 per year to teach “napping” and “play,” reports the Daily Mail. Explore+Discover is designed for babies and toddlers three to 23 months old.

The school day starts at 8am and finishes at 6pm. The schedule include morning explorations, music, story time, outdoor play, napping, the development of self-feeding skills and Spanish.

All of the teachers have master’s degrees in early childhood education. There will be three for every class of eight to 12 infants.

I assume it’s for two-career parents who’d otherwise hire a nanny, but 10 hours a day in “school” for babies?

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  1. palisadesk says:

    The article’s title is more than a little disingenuous. There’s no suggestion that the center will “teach” napping. It sounds like an upscale child-care center. In a market where the average cost of a daycare place is over $2000/mo (often more for infants, which what this center is dealing with), so 24K for a 12-month year, the extra 10K is for a lower adult-child ratio and (possibly) better-educated staff to provide enrichment. These and similar factors are why parents pay up to $45K for a day school private school placement, or $400/hr for private tutors in the NYC area.

    Nothing new that those who can pay for it will seek out exemplary (or perceived exemplary) services for their kids.

  2. Who knew that The Advice Goddess took advice from Joanne Jacobs?!  My Degrees of Separation are thereby blessed.