Minority men aim high, but few graduate

Black and Latino males start community college with lofty goals, but few achieve their dreams. They’re more likely than white males to use tutoring, computer labs and other academic supports, but they also are less prepared for college-level work.

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  1. Link didn’t work — is the article not up yet.

  2. This isn’t surprising at all. Minorities often lack the required coursework at the high school level to succeed in college level classes (regardless of how high their GPA is).

    As a result, when students need two (or more) remedial course, they’re usually gone after the first year, since they’ll spend all their time taking coursework just to get ready to take courses that will get them admitted to a given major (which in many cases puts them 1 to 2 years behind their peers), and piling up a ton of debt along the way.

    • There’s also the likelihood that, in many majority-minority schools, the course title and description may have little relationship to the actual course content. If most of the kids in algebra lack the necessary background knowledge and skills, the course is likely “algebra” or “about algebra”, as opposed to learning how to do algebra . It’s the same in all courses.