Indiana pulls out of Common Core

Four years after adopting Common Core standards, Indiana has become the first state to withdraw. However, critics complain the state-designed “college and career readiness” standards are “too similar to Common Core,” reports the Indianapolis Star.

Several states are passing “standards nearly identical to Common Core, but under a different name,” reports the Washington Post. 

An Oklahoma state Senate committee on Monday passed a version that would strip the Common Core name while leaving many or most of the same requirements intact.

Governors are “trying to find a way to walk this fine line by giving voice to the tea party concerns without backing away from higher standards,” said Michael Petrilli, executive vice president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

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  1. Roger Sweeny says:

    Passing standards that are very similar to the Common Core and giving them a different name is not pulling out of the Common Core. It is pretending.

    There is way too much pretending in the education business.

    • Deirdre Mundy says:

      Indiana’s old standards, pre CC, were actually pretty good– lists of concrete things children had to master for each grade. I.e. “Must be able to compare and contrast daily life during pioneer times with life today” (which meant teaching some US history to the Kindergarten Crowd) or “Must be able to explain the Kreb Cycle.”

      • Roger Sweeny says:

        I guarantee that 90% of Indiana high school graduates cannot explain the Krebs Cycle. Saying, “It’s how cells get energy.” or “It’s about ATP” isn’t an explanation.

        And passing a biology course in which there were test questions concerning the Krebs Cycle says very little about whether you can “explain the Krebs Cycle” on graduation day. To pretend it does is to, well, pretend.