In Watts, it’s easier to be a teen mom than a student

In Watts, there’s lots of support for teen mothers, but very little help for college students who’ve avoided pregnancy, writes a young community college student. She lives with her ailing grandmother in a subsidized apartment. If the grandmother dies, the childless student will be evicted.

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  1. Permissions issue? Link doesn’t seem accessible.

  2. similar storyfor other attributes. One of son’s friends is free lunch eligible, but wrong color, nonhispanic surname, and since mom went to CC after the divorce and will finish before he starts college, isn’t going to be considered first gen. ..he’s looking at nothing for aid in comparison to the kid who is below him in class rank, first gen college student, hispanic surname, and free lunch with absent father. Crazy how the pickin’ and choosin’ is done on everything but intellect.

  3. More than 60 years ago, my late father nailed it: “If you want less of something, tax it and if you want more of something, subsidize it”. Taxpayers have been forced to subsidize irresponsibility for at least 40 years and have proved the axion.

  4. She lives with her ailing grandmother in a subsidized apartment

    Where are Mom and Dad? The rest of the family?