How WWI got started

How Come They Don’t Teach You This In School?, asks QuickMeme.

How Come They Don't Teach You This In School? This is Brilliant... -   Misc
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  1. It’s not taught that way because it would be dumbed-down, reality-tv-style education.

    Seriously, is the cause of WWI not interesting enough already?

  2. Mark Roulo says:

    What Darren said.
    To elaborate, notice that the first punch is thrown by Germany: “Germany rolls up its sleeves, looks at France and punches Belgium.”
    A good question (and one that the Bar Fight doesn’t convey) is *WHY* the first physical violence was Germany attacking Belgium when the original “problem” was Serbia spilling Austria’s beer.
    There are actually some very good (if not sadly tragic…) reasons that Germany invaded Belgium to get to France because some idiot in Serbia shot an Austrian arch-duke. But the “Bar Fight” story doesn’t even show it as a good question — hey, it’s a bar fight! Everyone was drunk! But that wasn’t really the case at all …

  3. Jerry Doctor says:

    Duh! That stuff is like so 1900. We don’t need to know that, um… like, they’re all dead, you know? And if you did need to know it you could, you know, Google it. Like if you were making a movie of something, you know?