Contrariwise is a philosophy journal written and published by Diana Senechal’s students at New York City’s Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, & Engineering. It’s a public middle/high school with a technical focus, but students also study the humanities.

The “ambitious venture” includes dialogues, essays, letters, diaries, poems, roundtable discussions, questions, commentary and art” on topics ranging from time to tyranny, writes Cynthia Haven on Book Haven.

It all started when juniors taking Political Philosophy wrote “continuations of Plato‘s Republic, Book VIII – the section in which Socrates and Adeimantus discuss the decay of the kallipolis, city of philosopher-kings,” write editors-in-chief Ron Gunczler and Nicholas Pape. 

Topics in the inaugural issue include Alba Avoricani‘s “Letter from Folly to Platon Kovalyov,” Khadijah McCarthy’s “John Locke on the Nature of Marriage,” and, taking on Hamlet, Sofia Arnold‘s “Claudius: A Flawed Machiavel.” I was rather intrigued by Megan Almanzar‘s essay on freezing time, “The Key to Immortality,” and Fariha Wadud‘s “The Book of Job’s Greater Message.”

Daniela Batista‘s cover art shows a bird on the nose of a buffalo.

Here’s how to order a copy.

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  1. Thank you, Joanne! (Please note that the paragraph that begins “Topics in the issue include” is a direct quotation from Cynthia Haven’s review. Perhaps it should be formatted as a block quote?)

    Daniela Batista’s art is adapted from a photograph by Paul McKenzie, ©Paul Mckenzie/, which is used with the photographer’s permission.