Testing takes 1.7% of class time

Urban students spend 1.7 percent of the school year taking state and district-required tests, according to a Teach Plus report, The Student and the Stopwatch. However, third and seventh graders in “high-test” districts spend up to five times more time taking tests.

“It is time to shift the national conversation on testing from the amount of test time to the quality of tests and ensuring that teachers have the information they need to help their students succeed,” said Dr. Celine Coggins, CEO of Teach Plus.

Teach Plus has corrected errors in estimating the time burden of Illinois state tests, reports Catherine Gewertz in Ed Week. As a result, the highest-testing district, Denver, spends 3.3 times more time taking tests compared to the lowest-testing district, Chicago.

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  1. Miller Smith says:

    182 student days.

    One day for my juniors to take the PSAT.

    5 days for High School Assessment make-ups at mid-year that take 1/3 to 1/2 of each class for the day.

    8 days for Student Learning Objectives Pre and Powt testing.

    4 days of High school Assessments for the end of the year.

    3 to 4 days of PARCC testing.

    1.7%…really? No one is looking at Maryland then…

  2. PhillipMarlowe says:

    In the case of Maryland, when all 3rd to 8th grade public school students take the PARCC starting next year, their testing time will double.

  3. PhillipMarlowe says:

    I see the correction noted in Edweek:
    Or as Emily Litella would say, “Never mind.”