States eye free community college tuition

Tennessee, Mississippi and Oregon may offer two free years at a community or technical college to high school graduates. “College is not for everybody, but it has to be for a lot more people than it’s been in the past if we’re going to have a competitive work force,” said Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam.

Colleges and universities are hiring more part-time faculty and hiring fewer instructors relative to enrollment since 2000, but spending continues to rise, reports the Delta Cost Project. There are more non-teaching staff, including counselors and health providers, and benefits costs are rising.

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  1. Sound like a good idea, but I’m wary. What are the unintended consequences? A surge in enrollment that fills up classes quickly, locking some students out? Then half the kids drop the course when they realize a free class still requires work?

    Lots of other probs too, but I’m on a tablet so I’ll stop at the issue of overconsumption