School rejects ‘Merica Day’

A group of residents hold American flags in front of Fort Collins High School in protest of the school's ban on 'Merica Day Tuesday morning Feb. 4, 2014. The school reached a compromise with students and will hold an event on Monday called, "My Country Monday."

Residents protest Fort Collins High School’s ban on “Merica Monday.”

Celebrating America during spirit week might offend immigrants, said Fort Collins High administrators. They rejected students’ request for “Merica Monday,” reports The Coloradoan.

“It’s kind of absurd that we can’t celebrate the country we’re in — whether you’re from it or just visiting,” said Ellie Goodspeed, a senior and treasurer of the school’s student council.

“Building administrators met with the students to discuss the inconsistency of this day versus the other planned theme days, including PJ day and Twin day,” said Poudre School District spokeswoman Danielle Clark in a statement.

Students proposed “My Country Monday” as a compromise. Administrators rejected that idea too, said Goodspeed, but changed their mind on Monday.

Students celebrate the Mexican culture holiday Cinco de Mayo, senior Stephanie Livingston told the Coloradoan.

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  1. Balkanization, yea!

  2. Doesn’t the administration realize that immigrants are here because they think it’s a great place to be? So much for those critical thinking skills we hear so much about.

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    If the ‘crats thought this was a good idea, they’re idiots.
    If the ‘crats are surprised anybody objected, they’re idiots.

    If they forgot about the HS, also in CO, which got hammered for trying to get a kid to leave the American flag off his vehicle, they’re idiots.

    They’re educrats. I guess the foregoing was superfluous.

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard of “‘Merica” being used unironically.

    • Roger Sweeny says:

      Maybe a little like non-straight people calling themselves “queer.” You take over a word used as an insult and it loses its power to insult.

  5. Ryan Collins says:

    Don’t we already have an America Day, called Independence Day or the 4th of July?

    And calling it ‘Merica is just terrible.