President plays with student’s iPad

President Obama had fun playing with a student’s iPad on a visit to Buck Lodge Middle School in Adelphi, Maryland. “Valerie is doing outstanding calculations here, describing right angles,” the president said. Valerie had divided 360 by 4 to get 100 degrees for a right angle, notes Alexander Russo. Which is wrong.

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  1. Yeah, totally wrong. But one hopes he didn’t want to embarrass her?

  2. Jerry Doctor says:

    Taxpayers spent a bunch of money on iPads so these kids can get the same wrong answers when they divide as when they did it with paper and pencil. How can anyone that doesn’t work for Apple think this is a good thing?

    • Well, they’re developing computer literacy skills. Plus they’re using technology to propagate the wrong answer in real-time. They’re also collaborating which is a 21st century skill. The classroom appears to be organizationally flat – so there’s no relying on hierarchical command and control which stiffles their innovation. So it’s all good. Victory declared, move along.

  3. Sounds to me it was an incident exactly like Quayle’s potato moment….wanna bet it gets covered very differently?

    • a) It’s math. No one will notice.
      b) It’s a student, not a vice-president. The kid doesn’t need the weight of the media on her head.

  4. Hey, the girl’s answer isn’t wrong…under Common Core standards…