Parents demand action in heroin case

Parents in Fallsburg, New York want to know who’s leaving heroin and needles in a faculty men’s room at Cosor Elementary School. Six teachers and an aide have refused a police request for urine samples, reports the Times Herald-Record

Heroin was discovered in late December and again in February. Camera footage identified eight people who used the bathroom before the latest discovery.  One, a contract employee, provided a urine sample. The teachers and aide hired lawyers and refused to cooperate.

At a school board meeting, parents demanded action. Tressa Evans said her two daughters were suspended for five days for circulating a party flier that mentioned marijuana and alcohol; two other students received 30-day suspensions. “My daughters got suspended because of a piece of paper,” she said. “But you have these teachers who are sitting here with drugs in the school.”

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  1. PhillipMarlowe says:

    Best comment at the site:
    For reference I despise unions and in particular the teachers union. It does little to reward the good ones and does much to protect the mediocre. However on this particular day I am thankful that the innocent teachers in Fallsburg are being protected by their union against what appears to be a lynch mob. Sadly there may be another teacher being protected who may be guilty of a crime. That’s why an investigation is being performed. Note to Fallsburg schools, next time call the State Police who have experienced investigators and will conduct a professional investigation that doesn’t begin with ‘urinate in this cup and show me you’re innocent’. I’ve had kids go through the public school system. I understand what the parents are feeling but people need to step back and realize they are teachers second and citizens first. Right now the only thing they are guilty of is going to the bathroom. Last I checked that’s not a crime. They have zero responsibility to establish their innocence unless they are charged with a crime based on evidence. Then they get a day in court with a jury of their peers. It is surprising that the THR, a news organization that enjoys vast protected rights every day is so willing to write that these people should voluntarily submit to a urine screening. Would they be so willing to do it if drug paraphernalia was found in the editor’s bathroom of the THR? The fact that children are part of the equation complicates things but doesn’t eliminate the rights of citizens. Granted they are employees while on school grounds however the school district marched them down to the police where their rights as citizens prevail. When the rights of one are trampled the rights of all are violated. The investigation will reach a conclusion. The guilty person will be found and punished. Due process will or should be maintained throughout the investigation. As Mr. Collura rightly pointed out at the meeting, “this is not a dictatorship”.

  2. Mike in Texas says:


    You obviously don’t understand the Joanne’s purpose of posting this article, or it being published at all, so in brief:

    Teachers bad

    No evidence required to prove guilt, and since teachers are bad they don’t need their due process rights.

    • Roger Sweeny says:

      Or perhaps Joanne is trying to get people to think about standards and double standards. Was the student in “Defender of gay student won’t be expelled” (posted two days ago) treated fairly? Were the teachers here treated fairly? What, if anything, should have been done differently in each case?

      What if, say, this had been a bathroom used by eight students before the discovery? Would they also “have zero responsibility to establish their innocence unless they are charged with a crime based on evidence”? Should they also feel it is perfectly legitimate to lawyer up and refuse to cooperate with the school authorities?

    • Oooh, I do so love it when you put on your mindreading turban, Mike. Now tell everyone what I’m thinking.

  3. Actually, it is a double standard, students get the shaft due to the fact they can’t vote unless they’re 18 years of age or older. Teachers and their unions often vote to obfuscate the truth in any investigation.

    Heroin should stay in the blood stream upwards of 72-96 hours, but if a teacher refuses, there isn’t much the district can do (unless their CBA permits testing), but what they can do is give the students an equal say, and it sounds like one parent did exactly that with the school board.

    I suspect several of these idiots on the board will be tossed out on their rear ends 🙂

    • PhillipMarlowe says:

      As I told Detectives Green and Dayton when they came to my flat, I don’t have to answer questions unless there is a specific charge. I asked for it, they didn’t respond, I asked them to leave. Detective Green then shoved me into Det. Dayton and they arrested me for assaulting a police officer.

    • Phillip, I’ve asked you in to make sure you understand the concerns of our firm and your employer, Allen, Allen and Allen. Our customers depend on our discretion and honesty to safeguard the proprietary information vital to their organizations to which we are privy. Naturally, we must do everything we can to ensure that our customers never have a moments doubt about our discretion and honesty.

      Since the discovery of drug paraphernalia in our customer’s washroom, and the security tapes that show only our personnel could have left that paraphernalia in the washroom, I’m directing you to fully cooperate with the police in their investigation. Failure to fully cooperate with the police investigation will result in immediate termination.

      • And your inability to defend your silly views is why you inevitably end up whining about what a big meany I am. Of course that’s pretty much the same defense used by all defenders of the public education status quo which is why you’re losing and will continue to lose.

        Hardly a week goes by now without some new gain for the kids and parents of America …