Lies, damned lies and the Common Core

Those politically biased (and silly) “Common Core” lessons you keep hearing about have nothing to do with the Common Core standards, writes Fordham’s Mike Petrilli in Lies, damned lies, and the Common Core.

EAG News published Common Core math question for sixth graders: Was the 2000 election ‘fair’?

Would you ever consider the question ‘Whom do you want to be president?’ to be asked of your third grader during a math class (or any class)?

. . . Or, how about a discussion on whether the 2000 presidential election resulted in a “fair” outcome? Or, what if the teacher for your sixth grader was advised to “be prepared” to discuss the “politically charged” 2000 election - all during math.

Common Core aligned, of course.

The Daily Caller’s Eric Owens complained: Common Core MATH lesson plans attack Reagan, list Lincoln’s religion as ‘liberal.’

Common Core lesson lists Abraham Lincoln as a liberal, reported Fox News.

The lesson about the 2000 election, posted on a math teachers’ web site, was copyrighted in 2008, two years before Common Core standards were written, writes Petrilli. A lesson declaring “Lincoln was a liberal” was copyrighted in 2009.  A site that listed Lincoln’s religion as “liberal” has nothing to do with Common Core.

Common Core produced standards, not lessons. Everybody and his dog is claiming their lessons and learning materials are “aligned” to the new standards. That doesn’t mean they are.

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