Common Core? What’s that?

The Education Roadtrip is 50CAN’s new survey of Americans’ attitudes toward education. Results can be broken out by region.

Respondents trust teachers to improve schools, but not teachers’ unions. And definitely not “elected officials in Washington, D.C.”  Eighty percent said they “do not trust” officials.

Americans aren’t well-informed or consistent, notes Sarah Garland on the Hechinger Report. Nearly three-fourths backed school choice and letting schools cut through red tape to make changes. Yet only 54 percent wanted to open more charter schools and 58 percent supported “using public school funding to create schools that are allowed to set their own administrative rules and explore innovative solutions.” Forty-four percent thought charters are private schools.

Most people — 58 percent — said they didn’t know what the Common Core is. Less than a third supported the standards, which have been adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia. Twelve percent were opposed.

Two thirds of those surveyed backed “holding all students across the country to a uniform set of high standards,” the report’s authors noted. “Most Americans would support the Common Core if they just knew what it was.”

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