Common Core no more

As Common Core controversy mounts, several states are renaming the education standards, reports Fox News.

Common Core is now  “The Iowa Core” in the Hawkeye State. In Florida, it’s “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.”

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed an executive order to erase the name “Common Core.” Instead, officials will refer to “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.’’

Other states may follow suit. “We will probably do something really silly like changing the name of it to something else”to confuse opponents, said Louisiana Rep. Walt Leger, D-New Orleans.

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  1. Roger Sweeny says:

    Surely this is a joke, implying that education policy is made on the basis of fooling people, telling them what they want to hear rather than what really is.

    If it’s not a joke …

    • The executive order is here:
      The relevant bit is in paragraph 3: “The Executive Order
      requires that executive agencies refer to the standards, adopted in 2010, as Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, and encourages citizens and education stakeholders to do the same.”
      You can see that they are still updating things if you go to this page: “” where they refer to “Arizona’s Common Core Standards for English Language Arts”. There is a button/link on the right side of the page labelled “Arizona’s Common Core Standards”, which points to this URL: … which redirects to this one: … which is titled “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS) Home Page”
      So … no, this isn’t a joke.

    • A case could be made for the view that fooling the public is an important constituent in any education policy decision. How many different ways has whole language been rebranded?

      • SC Math Teacher says:

        And lord almighty how many times are they going to come up with some new way to teach math?

        Lipstick and pigs comes to mind.

  2. PhillipMarlowe says:

    Sounds like the Republican rebranding efforts.
    New Coke indeed.
    Though I prefer ObamaCore.

  3. The Onion has gotten very subtle lately. I can’t find anything on that article that links back to them.

  4. Re-branding won’t help with the fundamental problems…