Colleges fail older, part-time students

Recent high school graduates enrolled full-time at residential colleges make up only 15 percent of college students.  Colleges are failing their older, working, part-time students who make up the “new majority.”

Community college leaders worry that President Obama’s college ratings system will penalize open-access schools. Part-time students, who make up the majority at community colleges, aren’t tracked by the federal data system. Some students — nobody knows how many — say they’re seeking a degree to qualify for federal aid when they’re really trying to learn a job skill.

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  1. Florida resident says:

    “Colleges fail… ” What the heck !
    Should I blame my college for the fact, that I have not become theoretical physicist in string theory ?
    I think I realized about 70% of my cognitive potential; but string theory was definitely above my IQ level.

  2. Admittedly, I had a husband with a job ( long hours plus on-call), but I started grad school with two kids under 4 and continued through two degrees and two more kids. The older ones were doing serious travel sports during most of that time and the younger ones had started on that path. Given my background, I’m less than sympathetic. While I was in school, there were a few whiners (always academic stragglers) in my program (not education) for short periods. After whining about the lack of free child care in the evenings (it was available to the needy during the day) so they could socialize on campus, they usually dropped out because they couldn’t handle the academic workload; particularly the reading/writing/statistics demands.I’m betting that this whine is also coming disproportionately from those who don’t have the background preparation, study skills and/or motivation for the work.