Carnival of Homeschooling

The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Living Life and Learning.

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  1. Roger Sweeny says:

    To which someone of slightly different politics could say, “Public school is great for those who want their children to grow up to be good cogs in the machine.” Do you have any evidence for that assertion?

  2. 1) Many of us homeschool because it turns out to be the best way to meet our children’s specific needs. That’s not elitist; it’s just what parents do.
    2) The “antisocial” effect, when it exists, is partly a result of half the states in the country not allowing homeschoolers to attend public school classes and extracurriculars part-time, even though homeschooling parents pay property taxes just like everyone else.
    3) Self-centered? You mean like EVERYBODY ELSE in the rising generation? Please see the work of Jean Twenge if you want to be depressed about the future.