ABC: Kids will play with guns

Little kids will play with guns, even while telling each other “don’t touch” and “tell an adult,” ABC’s Young Guns report shows. And they’re good at figuring out where their parents have hid guns. (Two words: gun safe.)

When you “plant two real, unloaded guns among toys and a backpack in grade school classroom and then tell kids that, while unsupervised, they should indulge in some nearby candy,” they just might touch the guns, Reason‘s Hit&Run scoffs.

“Every other day, a child is shot to death,” says Diane Sawyer, citing a new study. 

“But, the study doesn’t match the ABC’s far-fetched image of young kids finding guns among their playthings in school,” responds Hit&Run. It includes 18- and 19-year-olds who are legal adults able to buy rifles.

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