The vanishing teacher

Jane Healey is Becoming Invisible In My Classroom, she writes on TeachThought. Since she “flipped” her middle-school classroom, her students ”

are learning without seeing me teach, hearing me teaching or even knowing I am teaching.”

In an innovative classroom, observers might see a teacher wandering around from student to student answering questions about writing a paragraph. Or, they might watch a teacher leaning over students’ shoulders pointing at the “About us” button on websites to check credibility. Or, they might catch the scene of a teacher kneeling next to a table guiding a group trying to solve a math problem about a pyramid made of pennies.

What they won’t see are the hours of prep work finding a “problem that matters,” creating LibGuides for safe web crawls, and setting up the Question Formula Technique for students to create essay questions. They also won’t see the hours of assessments based on rubrics the teacher coached students to develop.

When she’s not talking in front of the classroom, she’s still teaching, writes Healey.  Her “voice and ideas and coaching” are “in different places than they were before.”

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