Revving up for Detroit’s rebound

Detroit is losing jobs and people. The city is bankrupt. Hopes for an economic rebound center on job training for the city’s low-skilled workforce. Community colleges are focusing on manufacturing, information technology and health data management.

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  1. Yeah..that will work. I’m sure that the last dregs of Detroit’s poor, people too apathetic, incompetent or clueless to flee that hellhole, are exactly the type of people to go to community college and improve themselves!

    • Oh, it’s better then that.

      Among the local community colleges WCCC has a particularly lousy reputation so I’m not expecting any better then the indifferent best that’s what one can get out of the other community colleges. Rather more likely the program will turn out to be a waste of time and money even more egregious then similar programs in those other schools.

      What’s likely to happen is that the drought of talent in the area will cause wages to be bid up enough to attract needed talent from other areas. Over time there’ll be a filtering in of new blood from the kids that manage to scrape together enough knowledge from the community colleges to make themselves just valuable enough to be worth taking a chance on.