My thesis in one sentence

On LOL My Thesis, college students — mostly undergrads — summarize their theses in a single sentence.

For example:

Putting colored mud on something and moving it around can end up looking pretty, and I can look cool while doing this.
MFA- Painting, New York Academy of Art

Students who write papers using Google translate typically do worse than if they had just copied from the textbook
French, University of North Texas

There is a maximum temperature at which ants can survive.
Biology, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The Internet kind of sucks.
College of Social Studies, Wesleyan University.

I spent 372 pages describing what Kafka meant by everything he didn’t write.
Humanities, University of Louisville

Can’t we all just get along? Get along my way, that is, not everyone else’s wrong way.
Political Science, Reed College

Canadian diamonds are hella old.
Geology, University of Alberta

Looking continuously at nothing but a 2 foot wide square piece of soundproofing board for a couple of hours straight with an EEG strapped to your head reveals very little about visual attention.
Psychology, University of New England

I stared at kids playing videogames to prove that kids like playing videogames.
Psychology, University of Denver

When stars blow up, they make lots of different shapes; turns out this is for lots of different reasons.
Astrophysics, The University of Sydney

Using the word “discourse” makes you sound really sophisticated.
Communication and Culture, York University

 I scared rats with a fire alarm and measured how high they jumped.
M.A. Experimental Psychology, The University of Toledo

A McGill physiology major writes: “Well, I basically cured Cystic Fibrosis.” Really?

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  1. “A McGill physiology major writes: ‘Well, I basically cured Cystic Fibrosis.’ Really?” In an _undergraduate_ thesis? No. Just No.
    I can do my Ph.D. thesis in one line, but it’s all math, and no-one who reads the one sentence will understand much of it anyways 🙂