Milwaukee pays to keep schools empty

Milwaukee Public Schools is spending more than $1.5 million a year on 20 empty buildings, while refusing to rent or sell space to choice schools, charges Bad Faith. As students leave district schools, voucher-accepting private schools and public charters are trying to expand. 

St. Marcus Lutheran School, a high-performing school that takes voucher students, tried to buy the empty Malcolm X Academy building for six years, offering $8 million. Instead the district sold the building to a developer for $2.1 million, but will pay $1 million a year to rent half the space for use as a middle school

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  1. Pikers. The Detroit Public Schools could show the Milwaukee school district a thing or two about acting petulantly. And a thing or twelve about pissing away the public’s money.

  2. PhillipMarlowe says:

    The link leads to Ben Velderman.
    He’s a funny guy. Deasy didn’t have to sp[end millions on a guy like him. He didn’t survive his probationary period.
    Here’s a little more on Ben:
    ome of my older readers may recall Ben Velderman. Back when I was president of the union local, the Park Ridge Education Association, Ben filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all of my work emails and my personnel file.

    As a public employee, he was entitled to receive them after they had been redacted of information that made reference to kids or named third parties.

    Ben got a lot of art supply order forms, faculty meeting agendas and copies of my excellent evaluations.

    Ben wasn’t filing a FOIA request on his own. He works for a Michigan-based anti-union grouplet called the Education Action Group. It’s an ironic name considering they are against public education, do action that mainly consists of harassing union activists and are a group that is so small they could hold their annual convention in a toilet stall.

    AEG’s leader is Kyle Olson. Olson’s fame centers on his campaign to remove the picture book, Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type, from kindergarten classrooms on the basis that it mentions the word negotiation. Olson claimed the book was pro-union indoctrination.

    Some will approvingly call Ben a retromingent vigilante.

    • Milwaukee Public Schools. Refusal to rent empty buildings to charter schools. Wasting lots of tax-payer’s money.

      Do try to stay on topic.

      And do lose the body-function references.

    • Roger Sweeny says:

      You don’t say anything about the article. Should I assume that it is true and you don’t like Ben Velderman or his employer?

  3. “And a thing or twelve about pissing away the public’s money”

    “And do lose the body-function references.”

  4. Ann in L.A. says:

    “M[ilwauke]P[ublic]S[chool] board stalls decision on converting struggling schools to charters

    “A proposal to convert some persistently low-performing schools in Milwaukee to charter schools while targeting others for other reforms was sent back to committee for further discussion Thursday by the Milwaukee School Board amid opposition from teachers and parallel efforts by Republican state legislators.

    “The measure, which came to the board Thursday without the charter-conversion option on a recommendation from a committee meeting last week, was met with opposition from both board members who sought to bring the charter option back onto the table and members who said any action Thursday would have been rushed.”