Math makeover

“Math is getting a major makeover” in California classrooms because of Common Core standards, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

By fall, traditional textbooks mostly will be tossed aside in California classrooms. What’s taught in each grade will get shuffled around and, often, merged. First-graders will get tiny tastes of algebra while learning to add, and middle school students will be exposed to statistics and geometry while still solving for X.

Brooke Arroyo, who teaches Algebra I at Denman Middle School in San Francisco, will switch to Math 8 next year along with most eighth graders.

It won’t be an easier course, she says.”Eighth-grade math is going to have geometry in it and algebra. It’s just not going to be called algebra. It’s not going to be called geometry.”

Textbooks are out. Prjoects are in.

“Students might have to estimate a wildlife population using colored Goldfish crackers, an activity that uses algebraic functions, proportion and estimation, with a built-in snack at the end,” said Ann Lyon, the school’s instructional reform facilitator.

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