Honors programs cut college costs

Dual enrollment, AP classes and community college honors programs can curb college costs and raise graduation rates, writes Chris Romer, co-founder of American Honors.

Sixty percent of students seeking a bachelor’s degree reach their goal in eight years; 38 percent seeking an associate degree graduate in four years.

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  1. DE has no honors sections here..and some of the elite schools in this state specifically state that taking math class from the CC via DE on a high school campus means that the student will repeat the course at college. These courses are too lite for STEM. Our politicians need to end the discrimination against honors students and start offering honors math classes in the K12 system.

  2. REAL AP courses can replace intro college courses and/or distribution requirements, but the AP-for-all, no-prerequisite AP fakes cannot. My kids all entered college with sophomore status, from AP classes, but their schools didn’t push unprepared (and/or unmotivated) kids into APs and those kids who couldn’t/didn’t do the work were allowed to fail or transfer out The last I checked, my oldest kids’ HS still had honors prequisites for all AP classes and the AP sciences were still double-period, every day. The kids who couldn’t/ didn’t want to work at that level were the only ones who took CC courses, which were much less demanding – because the CC student population was not at the same academic level as the HS kids who took APs at the top local schools. The top HSs were sending their top kids to highly competitive colleges, but the CCs sent most kids to much less competitive colleges. Some HS kids did take classes at the flagship state university or local elite colleges. I’m with lgm on the need for real honors and AP classes, including ES honors-level classes. The top kids deserve to have their needs met.