Hero teacher disarms shooter

A 12-year-old boy shot two classmates with a shotgun at his New Mexico middle school. A teacher persuaded the shooter to give up his shotgun. John Masterson, an eighth-grade social studies teacher is the hero of Berrendo Middle School in Roswell.
John Masterson

At a vigil this evening at the Roswell Convention & Civic Center, Gov. Susana Martinez said, “Mr. Masterson … was a hero …who stood there and allowed a gun to be pointed right at him. and to talk down that young boy to drop the gun so that there would be no more young kids hurt.”

One of the wounded students is in critical condition.

Mason Campbell, a seventh grader, has been identified as the shooter.

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  1. Mike in Texas says:

    But what are his test scores like? After all, that’s all that matters

    • Mark Roulo says:

      I don’t think schools are supposed to release individual student test scores, so I doubt that we’ll know (unless it comes out in the trial somehow). My guess is that Mason will receive poor marks in “deportment”, possibly with a teacher comment something like “Mason needs to learn to get along better with his peers.” But this isn’t a test score result, of course.

    • True.

  2. Roger Sweeny says:

    At the risk of being tone deaf … There are millions of K-12 students, all of whom are being required to attend school because if has been decided that they need to learn certain things. On the other hand, there are a few incidents like this each year.

    If test scores reflect learning those important things (and if they don’t, why the hell have teachers been giving tests for as long as there have been schools?), and if teachers affect test scores, then better test scores are orders of magnitude more important than being able to talk down a shooter.