Test prep can prevent remediation

Some community college students who fail placement tests don’t really need remedial classes, researchers say. Colleges should tell students their scores matter and give everyone a practice test, they recommend.

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  1. Linda,

    Depends on how many years the older student has been out of high school or college, and what they currently do for a living. Many students who want to change careers find that most of them haven’t the math skills needed to make the change.

    IMO, remediation has no business on college campuses, due to the fact that college by definition is supposed to be an education after high school, assuming the student actually has the knowledge to succeed.

    College these days is simply looked at by too many people as grades 13 to 16, which is insane. If a student who has been out for 10 or more years needs a refresher. I’d suggest alternatives like sylvan, etc to get the skills needed in a hurry, or a good tutor.

    If the objective is to actually obtain a certificate or degree, then the student will need to be able to take and pass coursework required for admittance to a given major. A lot of students who need two or more courses in remedial work will never make it past the first year of college, while racking up a pile of debt to go along with it.