Student aid reforms proposed

A House education subcommittee heard proposals for reforming Pell Grants.

Income-based repayment gives the largest subsidies to borrowers who go to graduate or professional school and people in “public service” jobs. One in four jobs qualifies as “public service,” but working for a for-profit company is a disqualifier.

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  1. Manufacturing a good product or providing products cheaper and efficiently to the public are public services. What is wrong with the profit motive anyway?

    • Same thing that’s wrong with self-defense, school choice and freedom of speech – it implies a degree of egalitarianism that makes life difficult for people who fancy themselves morally superior.

  2. I’d rather see “public service” jobs (including NGOs receiving lots of gov’t grants) disqualified. We have far too many bureaucrats now – and that includes public education.

  3. Yes, we shouldn’t have to subsidize people who want to be teachers, mental health workers, law enforcement personnel, health professionals, etc. Who needs them? Let’s focus on the “job creators.” Anyone working for a non-profit should seriously consider suicide.

    Lots of hate on this board.