Schools prepare for transgender rights

California schools are preparing for a transgender students’ rights law by “reviewing locker room layouts” and ” scheduling sensitivity training for coaches,” reports AP.  Above all, does the school have a private restroom for transgender students or will a biological boy be allowed in the girls’ room?

However the law, which lets public school children use the sex-segregated facilities of their choice, could be suspended within days of its Jan. 1 launch if a referendum to repeal it qualifies for the ballot.

Ashton Lee, 16, a junior at Manteca High School in the San Joaquin Valley, was born female but wants to be treated as male. Last year, he asked to be transferred from an all-girls aerobics class to a team sports class for boys. School officials said no. They reconsidered in the fall.

He now is allowed to use the boy’s restrooms and locker rooms and to wear the junior ROTC uniform for male cadets.

Similar adjustments have been made for five transgender classmates.

Manteca High, located in a conservative rural area, has 1,648 students of which six have declared themselves to be transgender. That seems like a very high number to me. Why has transgender status gone from incredibly rare to . . . not very unusual?

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  1. Why has transgender status gone from incredibly rare to . . . not very unusual?

    Because it is a way for ignored and powerless teenagers to gain power and attention.

  2. Thinly Veiled Anonymity says:

    Keep in mind that six is how many have DECLARED themselves to be TG, and who may (to varying degrees) be acting as if they were TG. The actual number may well be lower. (This is all assuming that being T.G. is something you *are*, not something you *choose*. But what the hell, that seems to be the conventional wisdom these days.)

    Similarly, and I don’t know if it’s still a thing, but back in the 90’s, lots of college students found out that they “were gay” when they were in college. It was a fashionable thing. There was even a name for it: GUGs (Gay Until Graduation).

    Again, assuming that being gay is something that you are, and not just a behavioral choice, then most of these GUGs weren’t *really* gay. They were just declaring it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that T.G.’s are entering a similar phase in our culture — though we’re likely still in the early stages if we are.

  3. Charles R. Williams says:

    If you tell teenagers that there are women trapped in men’s bodies and vice versa, then, some of them will think that is their problem, especially if this gains you victim status.

  4. Linda Seebach says:

    Taking the numbers as given (because they could be high or low), 6 of 1,634 is, let’s see, 0.375 percent. That’s still plenty rare, but if ~2 of people are born wired to find people of their own (biological) sex attractive, it hardly seems impossible that a small number of people would be born wired to find themselves other than their (biological) sex.

    My son’s spouse is trans (declared in his 30s), and they don’t see that as a problem. (They’ve been married 19 years.)

  5. GoogleMaster says:

    “Why has transgender status gone from incredibly rare to . . . not very unusual?”

    Perhaps it is not the rate of occurrence but the rate of reporting that has changed, due to the (apparently only slightly) decreased likelihood of being ostracized, despised, and/or murdered for being openly transgendered?

  6. It isn’t a biological fact, like one’s biological sex or a cold. Sexual identity, as with identity in general, can be quite fluid, affected by many variables. Sexual identities can be created and changed. Both Marcuse’s “polymorphous perversity” and Girard’s “mimetic desire” are useful in understanding what’s happening.

    It’s also useful to keep in mind that it’s a political movement–a part of a larger mass movement–which is being pushed by political operatives for specific political goals.

    • Michael, I used to like you, spouting wisdom gleaned from books and fooling myself into thinking that meant I knew something about sexual identity. Then I actually met some gay and trans people, including close family members who had “come out” after years of shame and fear.

      Look at the experience of Exodus International. After almost 40 years of trying to get gay people to change their sexual identity, they admitted that they had never been successful and shut down.

      • I also know actual people. What you say doesn’t actually address my point(s).

        Our desires take form amid the world as we experience it, by which I don’t mean they are completely socially constructed, and I also don’t mean they can be easily changed by this or that therapy. Think about addictions for a while.

        • My point is not that SSA or other situations are not “real” but only that if we create the conditions that encourage and support it, we will see increases in gender confusion.

      • Richard Aubrey says:

        Problem either way.
        If gays are a matter of post-natal influence, somebody eventually is going to figure out a way to either reverse the result or counteract it while it’s going on.
        if being gay is born in, possibly as an in-utero event, pre-birth testing may discover it–already discovers other issues–and the solution could be abortion against gays or in-utero repair.
        Maybe not now, but eventually, unless the powers that be forbid research.