School board member really doesn’t want boys in the girls’ restroom.

I understand her concerns, but there have to be other, more constructive ways of engaging in this conversation (Warning: the article includes mildly vulgar quotes):

A member of a rural Colorado school board isn’t backing down from her comments at a recent meeting suggesting that transgendered boys should be castrated if they want to use the girls’ restroom.

“I’m taking a stand,” Delta School District 50J board member Kathy Svenson is reported as saying by the Denver Post. “It will not happen here without a change in plumbing.”

Svenson allegedly would be open to a “third” bathroom for transgender students — although one might easily argue that at least four bathrooms would be needed.

I’d like to think that we can all agree that there’s not really a simple choice between making eunuchs on the one hand, and imposing a binary (or trinary) structure onto what may very well be a finely-graded, scalar reality on the other.

But maybe we can’t all agree.