Rudolph’s revenge

All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.

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  1. Whatever embed you were trying to put there, it disappeared.

    • I can see it. You can’t?

      • What I am seeing is < for the post content.

        That may have something to do with the HTML containing a reference to your gmail:

        src=”″ width=”417″ height=”567″ />&lt;

        Log out of Google, refresh and see if it still works for you.  I bet it won’t.

  2. D's Squirrel Food says:

    Yikes. According to the movie, Donner is Rudolph’ s father. More Donner family problems, I guess.

  3. Funny. I have been trying to decide whether to link to a cartoon with a similar theme since the weekend, when it appeared on my New Yorker calendar.

    So when I saw this one, I decided to link to both.

    (If you like this one, you will probably like the other, as well, and it is just enough different to be funny even after you have seen this one.)