More MOOCs

Dhawal Shah signed up for one of the first MOOCs from Stanford in November, 2011 and started  Class Central to track new courses on offer. MOOCs are growing rapidly, he writes on EdSurge. There are about 100 MOOCs in 2012 and almost 700 starting in 2013. More than 1200 courses have been announced so far for 2014. He estimates there will be 10 million MOOC registrants.

Completion rates are low, Shah concedes. “It’s still not clear whether they have a sustainable business model.” But students keep signing up.

Coursera offers nearly half of all MOOCs, but competition is growing.

Class Central lists a number of education and teaching MOOCs. California’s High Tech High has two starting in January: New School Creation and Deeper Learning 101. MATCH Teacher Residency offers Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching.

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