Cyber charters face cuts

11-25-13 Cyber chartersPennsylvania may cut funding to cyber charters amid charges of high turnover and poor results, reports the Pennsylvania Independent. Charter school leaders and education reformers are split on the proposed legislation.

Under S.B. 1085, online charter schools would have to operate at 60 percent of the budget of a traditional public school.

Virtual schools don’t attract the average mix of students. Even the good ones will have high turnover. Traditional funding methods don’t work.

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  1. Crimson Wife says:

    The high turnover comes in a large part because they tend to attract people new to homeschooling who are nervous about pulling their kids out of traditional public schools. After 1-2 semesters the parents feel more confident about their ability to homeschool and the inflexibility of the charter starts to grate on them.

    I know a TON of families who used K12 when they first started homeschooling but only one who stayed in it longterm (and that’s a bit of an unusual situation because it’s a single mom who holds down FT employment and she needs something the nanny can oversee the children doing).

    • Deirdre Mundy says:

      Exactly. The ‘school at home’ format quickly grows old. I also know a few families who started with K12– until they realized that their kids could learn more in less time with a different curriculum, and that it was OK that homeschooling doesn’t take 7 hours a day!