Teen in bullying death: I did nothing wrong

Felony stalking charges have been dropped against two Florida teens accused of bullying Rebecca Sedwick. The 12-year-old girl committed suicide in September.

“I do not feel I did anything wrong,” said Katelyn Roman, 13, on NBC’s Today show. Her former friend’s suicide taught her, “it’s not OK to bully and you should stand up … to bullying,” she added.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said the two accused teens agreed in juvenile court to undergo counseling as a condition of the charges being dropped.

“Our goal is that these kids never bully anyone again, never torment anyone again,” Judd said.

Jose Baez, a high-profile lawyer, threatened to sue the sheriff for filing charges against the girls.

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  2. “I do not feel I did anything wrong”

    Really? Does she have a conscience? If I make an offhand remark without thinking and someone’s hurt by it, I feel terrible for days, even after apologizing to them. If I were even partially responsible for someone’s death, I don’t know how I’d live with myself.