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Let’s return to common-sense discipline and stop suspending, expelling and arresting students for minor offenses, argues Advancement Project. Overusing suspensions and replacing counselors with metal detectors and police creates a school-to-prison pipeline, the civil rights group believes.

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  1. I’m sure the “disabled” students suspended and expelled usually have “behavior disorders”, like thuggery.

    I’m sure the students arrested for having cell phones attend schools where a significant use on campus is to arrange drug deals or communicate info for gang activities.

    I’m sure the typical misbehavior in these suspension incidents is things like possession of stolen property (what Trayvon Martin should have been charged with, but wasn’t to reduce the school’s crime stats and suspensions), threats of bodily harm or actual assault.  If it was only talking in class, it would be a huge relief.

    “Protected classes” is why we can’t have nice things.

  2. Disruptors are not suspended here..the adults involved in their lives confer with them and find a placement that works better for them. Usually that is alternative school or night high school, but sometimes it is homebound tutoring or something that the judge arranges.

    I’d like to see a call for safe middle and high schools where teachers are free to teach, not schools where student disruptors are free to do their thang and steal learning time from others.

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    I KNOW!

    • Roger Sweeny says:

      Careful! One of the most disruptive students I ever had was Asian.

      • Richard Aubrey says:

        Roger, I was speaking in the aggregate. However, there’s no law against throwing out an Asian disruptor. So there’s that.

        • Roger Sweeny says:

          I just hate stereotypes, no matter how accurate (or inaccurate!) they may be “in the aggregate” Asians are studious. Whites are racists. Blacks are lazy. Dangerous.

          • Richard Aubrey says:

            Roger. Averages are not stereotypes. Stats are not stereotypes.
            Asian kids are hugely less likely to be disciplinary problems than other minority groups. In fact, they do so well that they’re not actually minorities.
            There was an exception, though. A bunch went on strike at a Philly high school on account of being assaulted by black kids and the admin doing nothing about it. Can’t have that. Striking by Asians, I mean.

      • But did he have an IEP?