Michelle Obama pushes college, job training

It’s not just fruits, vegetables and exercise any more: Michelle Obama is using her personal story to promote postsecondary education, reports the New York Times.

The First Lady is urging low-income students to continue their education after high school “whether that’s going to a community college, or getting a technical certificate, or completing a training opportunity, or heading off to a four-year college.”

“I’m here today because I want you to know that my story can be your story,” Mrs. Obama told students at Bell Multicultural High School in Washington D.C.

The daughter of a city water worker in Chicago, Mrs. Obama attended magnet schools and earned degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law School.

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  1. I applaud her encouraging kids to reach higher. At Bell, her message is well-aimed.
    On the sad reality side of things, though, she couldn’t give this same talk in other parts of DC. Her parents were married to each other, and her mom was a SAHM until Michelle entered high school. Michelle was already in a gifted program before she left elementary school. She wasn’t close to being a drug-addled kid from Anacostia.

  2. Mrs. Obama was quite privileged to be growing up in a zip code that has public magnet schools for those that want an education. The Superintendent here is quite specific: if you need more, grade skip or grad early, then go on to college. Any course not required for graduation is a course that doesn’t need to be offered.