Employers: Grads aren’t prepared for work

Most employers say college graduates aren’t prepared for work, reports a new survey. College students tend to be overconfident about their readiness.

“College for all” — or even job training for all — won’t revive the economy, argues a new book. We don’t lack skilled workers. We lack skilled jobs.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    First and second grafs contradict each other.

  2. This has been the trend for at least the last decade, and given the number of resumes I review in a given week, better than 3/4th’s of them get the shredder for spelling and/or grammatical errors.

    When it comes to interviewing, it’s just as bad, many candidates come unprepared, don’t dress appropriately, or a number of other issues.

    The lack of skilled jobs might be an issue, but a recent news article shows within twenty years, 40% of all existing jobs may be lost to automation in the U.S. of A.

    What do you think that will do to unemployment then, folks?


    • Unless birth rates drop dramatically globally during the next generation, it will soon be “1984” + “Soylent Green”… It’s the only solution left! A free, open society can’t maintain itself under such conditions…

      • that nonsense, is, well, nonsense.

        • How would you know? What do you think these millions upon millions of otherwise unemployable people in this day and age are going to do for a living? Are we looking at permanantly having a quarter to half – or more – of our population on permanant welfare?

          • You’ve based what you say on the ignorant premise that we have not aborted and contracepted ourselves into this mess.

          • You need to ask the Democrats and the Chamber of Commerce.  They’re the ones who want to amnesty and immigrate several tens of millions more of them over the next couple of decades.

    • Maybe if we re-established as a cultural norm that people raise their own children (instead of just having a few hours with them when they’re sleepiest). That would “employ” a lot of people right there. 😉