Batkid saves San Francisco

Frank Minna / The Chronicle

Thousands cheered as Batkid saved San Francisco from crime — and cynicism. Five-year-old Miles Scott has battled leukemia since he was 20 months old. He’s now in remission. Friday, the kindergartner lived out his wish to be a caped crusader. San Francisco gleefully stood in as Gotham City.

People cheered as Miles buzzed by in a Lamborghini Batmobile. News crews gave chase as the boy rescued a damsel tied to cable-car tracks. Social media lit up with cheers.

With Batman’s help, Batkid stopped The Riddler from robbing a bank and rescued the San Francisco Giant’s mascot, Lou Seal, from The Penguin.

It as the most elaborate gift ever arranged by the Bay Area’s Make-A-Wish Foundation. When the little boy’s superhero wish went viral, some 12,000 people volunteered to help. Gotham’s streets were lined with people holding signs, wearing Batkid T-shirts and cheering their hero.

Thank you, Batkid.

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