A school inspector reports on Hogwarts

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was rated “unsatisfactory” by Ofsted (British government school inspectors), reports Life, Teaching and Other Distractions.

Teaching is old-fashioned. Students are weak in literacy and numeracy and poorly behaved. Students play an “incredibly dangerous” sport. “Looking at the records, the House Championship has been corrupt for some time, with clear preferential treatment given to some houses over others.”

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  1. Hello Ms. Jacobs,

    I moved to Fremont in 1980 and latched onto your column whenever after that you began writing it. Now it’s gone and I only see your work by accident. Such was the case today when I was looking up some information about geometric proofs. I am aware that I could just create a habit to look at your website, but having the newspaper confront me with your work was an inescapable way to be repeatedly introduced to new ideas.

    After seeing some of your recent website content I will make yet another attempt at looking at it about once every few days.

    In any case, I do miss your work.

    Jim H.