REBIRTH: New Orleans, a Learning Matters docmentary on the post-Katrina transformation of New Orleans public schools, is now available on Netflix.

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  1. Why do discussions about turning around New Orleans K-12 schools almost always omit the fact that the overall population, as well as the student population, was reduced by 1/3? That surely made things easier… Especially depending on which students were in that 1/3 that left and never came back (their families choosing to stay in Houston, southern Texas in general, other parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, etc.)

    • Probably because not a lot of people are interested in finding excuses for the failure of the New Orleans’ district schools and a lot more people are interested in the fact that, absent the deadening hand of the school district the schools in New Orleans have improved markedly.

      I wonder what conclusion could be drawn from that correlation?

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    My daughter taught in the Dallas area. Their high school was becoming more diverse, in the sense that the Detroit Pistons, when they were hot, were entirely diverse except for Bill Laimbeer. The term “Katrina Kids” did not necessarily describe the origin of all the students ‘though of some substantial proportion, but the culture was changing. My dtr left after being assaulted twice.
    Looks as if NO is going to be carrying on without those kids.