The college advantage is narrowing

College graduates’ earnings advantage is narrowing slightly, according to two new College Board reports.

Flip MOOCs to help community college students succeed, suggests Bill Gates.

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  1. This was entirely predictable. The old “college premium” was based on the fact that, in general, there was an inherent difference in cognitive ability, preparation/knowledge, and/or motivation between those who graduated from college and those who did not. In the days when remedial classes didn’t exist and freshman weeder courses were the norm, this was generally true. In the current era of remedial classes, relatively few college-wide weeder courses and very undemanding majors, this is much less true; hence the increasing number of “college grads” working in jobs where a college degree is either not necessary or is merely used to indicate basic trainability (since the USSC’s Duke Power decision essentially outlawed aptitude tests)j.