Teacher suspended for profane outburst

A high school English teacher was suspended by Los Angeles Unified for a “profanity-laden outburst” that was recorded by a student. It went viral.

In the clip, which was recorded by a student on Sept. 26, the teacher yells “I know my f–ing s–t. Don’t f— with that. I’m tired of trying to educate you, and you guys resist every step of the f—ing way. Get the f— out of here.”

“You know, I had a weak moment,” the suspended teacher told the Daily Breeze.

The outburst occurred at new school for performing arts, HArts Academy, located on the campus of Narbonne High.

The teacher added that the clip was recorded by a student who had been heckling her in front of the 12th-grade class. That student then allegedly brought the recording to a Narbonne High faculty member with whom the teacher has had an adversarial relationship. The HArts Academy teacher contends the Narbonne teacher began disseminating the recording to others on campus.

Narbonne has refused to let 90 students transfer to HArts, which forced the smaller school to lay off four teachers and let the comprehensive high school hire three teachers, reports the Breeze. Bad blood between the two faculties explains why Narbonne teachers publicized the sound clip, the English teacher said. “These are people who used to be my friends.”

Students are not allowed to have cell phone in class, much less to record their teachers.

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  1. Mike in Texas says:

    It sounds like the HArts Academy is a charter co-located within the high school. If its anything like the co -located charters NYC Educator has written about they got the best of everything while the public school has to do without. Hopefully someone can fill in the blanks on this story who has personal or local knowledge.

  2. Sounds like school needs to change their ejection procedure. Here, all he would have to do is step to the door and wave security in.

  3. Looks to me like the real crime is that the teacher’s outburst was recorded. Had it not been there wouldn’t have been any problem because a school district that doesn’t winnow out misbehaving students isn’t going to be too concerned with misbehaving teachers.

  4. Stacy in NJ says:

    I find it difficult to muster up much sympathy for either teacher or student(s).

  5. Thinly Veiled Anonymity says:

    The sad part is that some of these students could probably use a good yelling at. And here he is getting suspended…

    It is always so hard to tell the merits from a distance….

  6. Roger Sweeny says:

    Alas, purely as a matter of empirical fact, the teacher is at least partly right. A substantial proportion of these twelfth graders don’t want to learn what he is supposed to be teaching them and they passively or aggressively resist. Probably not what he expected when he signed up, and certainly not what they told him to expect in ed school.

    Perhaps neither he nor many of the students should be there. (Or put another way, perhaps the ed industry should be substantially downsized.)

  7. fedupteacher says:

    I suppose no one ha ever gotten frustrated with their own children and yelled at them or cursed them out? Within the lat 15 years teachers have had to tip toe around in case someone recorded them. Why is it that when we do an audio recording of a principal threatening us it is not considered evidence in court? Teaching is the only profession where you can’t slip up. Unless you have taught in the inner city for a long time you would never begin to understand. Oh yes! It gets even worse in the suburbs! It sickens me that another teacher could do that to a colleague. When did working with kids become such a cut throat career?