School punishes sober driver

A North Andover High friend who’d been drinking at a party called Erin Cox at work to ask for a ride home.The honor student was demoted from captain of the volleyball team and suspended for five games for . . . not letting her friend drive drunk. Zero Tolerance Policy at schools -

Moments after Erin arrived at the party, the police showed up and arrested several teens for possession of alcohol. Police determined Erin had not been drinking and had no alcohol. But, apparently, they gave the names of everyone there to the high school.

North Andover High told Erin, who’s a senior, that she was in violation of the district’s zero tolerance policy, which includes drinking off campus. And not drinking off campus.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    As Insty says so often, “Is sending your children to public school child abuse?”

  2. SC Math Teacher says:

    In the name of all that’s good and holy, stop this zero tolerance nonsense! It’s simply an excuse for adults to avoid making tough (or not so tough) decisions. You know, things that an adult responsible for children is supposed to do. What in God’s name have we become?

    • Richard Aubrey says:

      I think zero tolerance might extend to busting somebody for having perfume which is, I believe, frequently alcohol-based.
      This is different. There is nothing for which even zero tolerance applies. This is either malice worthy of a four-year-old (which probably smears four-year-olds), or a completely different issue altogether.
      Keep in mind the biggest point of being an unelected ‘crat: “Because I can.”

      Or, for those who posit the Gramscian thing, it’s to teach people to be passive and take no initiative. The State will punish you if it notices you. Nah. Silly. Crazy talk.
      I never bought the Gramscian paranoia, but I’m thinking about it more and more.

  3. Back when the show ‘7th Heaven’ was on the air, there was an episode in which, on the first day of school, all of the school-age kids got sent home over the course of the day. One had taken a tylenol, one had stood up to a bully on behalf of a victim, etc. Like this example, they had all done nothing wrong, and the parents were not upset with their kids. 10 years ago when the show was on and this wasn’t in the news so often, it was kind of funny.

  4. Zero tolerance = zero judgment + zero common sense; over and over again

    • Ahhh, the irony! We’re urging students to get on board with “21st century skills” like critical thinking and initiative and responsibility’ blah blah. Yet those running the asylums are sadly lacking.

      I MEANT to start piano lessons this week, but I’ll put it off to write a few commercial programs for the ed market. I will call them Principal 1.0 and Superintendent 1.0. Principal 1.0 will implement a zero-tolerance rule-based engine to repace human beings in school leadership positions. Superintendent 1.0 will be required in districts that buy more than one copy of Principal 1.0. It will cost more up front and in licensing fees. It’s only function will be to enable more than one copy of Principal 1.0 to run within a district. Hoping to make a killing.

      @Michael Lopez: I dunno about Miss Cox and the million. Some eager lawyer should be able to show the schools actions as “willful” which could lead to treble damages. And of course; I doubt she’s average.

  5. Michael E. Lopez says:

    What about all those students who remain in their homes while their PARENTS are drinking? Shouldn’t they be punished, too? After all, they’re there. They’re not leaving.


    Miss Cox is in a CRUCIAL stage of her life right now, with college apps starting in earnest in like, two weeks.

    She should sue for defamation, for wrongful denial of public benefits (her education), for tortious interference with her college relations, and for anything else that the good Commonwealth might allow . I heard somewhere around here that the average college grad makes like *a million* dollars more….

    (Note: I am not licensed to practice in Massachusetts and am not really wearing my attorney hat now, anwway. The claims discussed above may not even exist there, or anywhere.)