‘Paycheck’ aid shows promise

Disbursing student aid in smaller amounts every two weeks, “Aid Like a Paycheck,” encourages low-income college students to work harder in school and manage money better, a new study shows.

At a Hamilton Project forum today, participants presented new ideas for redesigning Pell Grants, income-based loan repayment and college cost calculators. 

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  1. Ought to do the same thing with school districts. That might put the damper on the sort of “count” day shenanigans engaged in by many school districts.

  2. Frankly, they should do it this way for any student receiving financial aid; I’ve heard too many stories of “Woo! Can go buy an Playstation!” (or whatever) when financial aid disbursement comes out, and then the same student later complains about being asked to buy a book for class….

    Never mind that whatever tax dollars of mine go for federal financial aid, I don’t think it should be to subsidize Playstations for students….