Milwaukee is worse than Mississippi

Milwaukee is worse for black kids than Mississippi, writes Michael Holzman in Dropout Nation.

Thirteen percent of black men 18 to 64  in Wisconsin are in prison, the highest rate in any state, according to a BBC video, Why does Wisconsin send so many black people to jail?  “Over half the black men in Milwaukee County are now or have been in prison, Holzman writes.

Black families in Milwaukee are no better off financially than in Mississippi, according to Holzman.”If an average black family moved from Milwaukee to Mississippi, their children would probably have a slightly better chance of learning to read by the time they left school,” he writes. They’d be more likely to graduate from high school. In Mississippi, a black family’s young men are “less than half as likely to spend time in prison” compared to young black men in Milwaukee.

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  1. Steve Sailer has written about the considerably higher incarceration rates of blacks in the Midwest and other non-Southern states as compared to lower incarceration rates in many southern states.

  2. Stacy in NJ says:

    The answer is obvious: The citizens of Wisconsin are more racist than those of Mississippi. Shame on them.

  3. Don’t most urban areas have higher concentrations of dysfunction than statewide figures would show? Also, what is the possibility that Milwaukee has more gang activity – hence more crime – than MS (statewide)?

  4. Ann in L.A. says:

    As a former Milwaukeean, I’d have to say part of the reason for the sorry state of education is complacency and ignorance. If you took a poll of Wisconsonites, they’d probably tell you that their education system is great, but the NAEP says otherwise–especially with low socio-economic groups.

    If people think everything is just fine, there’s no momentum for change.

    Milwaukee has also long had a reputation for being the most segregated city in the US, not only whites/blacks/latino, but even among whites: people with Polish ancestry tend to live on the south side, German on the north, etc.

  5. Richard Aubrey says:

    It’s Nixon’s southern strategy. Damn republicans, anyway.

    • Stacy in NJ says:

      Richard, your attempt to blame Republicans is understandable, but, obviously the fault lies with George W. Bush. 😉

  6. Mike in Texas says:

    But Milwaukee has more charters than most other places, so how could this be?

    Also, I believe studies have shown a large number of Milwaukee children have been exposed to lead.

  7. I’ve had relatives move to the south, and as someone who’s live in big northern metro areas, it’s always a shock to see how integrated it is. Like…blacks and whites live in the same neighborhoods– not just a token black family (i.e. the Huxtables of the neighborhood) but…. lots of them…. and they’re all married and stable! And there are interracial couples everywhere, holding hands, having babies, etc…. and those supposedly racist southerners don’t even bat an eye.

    And.. if they see a black teenager on the street, they don’t clutch their purses tighter and walk faster…..

    It’s really weird. I mean, in Chicago, if you wandered across the neighborhood boundary, nice police officers would keep stopping and offering to drive you back to where you ‘belonged.’ And we were in one of the MORE integrated neighborhoods. (Hyde Park).

    It’s almost like the popular media portrayal of life in the South is a two dimensional caricature based more on politics than reality!

    • Richard Aubrey says:

      For left/lib/prog, “southern” is a sufficient condemnation of anything when they can’t think of an actual fact.
      Hence, they need the caricature.

  8. Ann in L.A. says:

    MIlwaukee has about 20,000 kids in charters–less than 25%. The vast majority of publicly-educated kids, and nearly all of the adults are in the traditional system.

  9. Mike in Texas says:
    • Richard Aubrey says:

      MiT has a point. When you see some butthead do something which is impulsive and counterproductive, you’re inclined to wonder, “What the hell was he thinking?” Maybe he wasn’t thinking. Lead ingestion leads to deficient impulse control. Years ago, a couple of black guys in Flint’s ‘hood killed a local young woman and took her red convertible. Drove it around the neighborhood until somebody noticed and called the cops.
      Lead’s the only answer.
      The first carjacking, which iirc happened in DC and thus got enough ink to become a federal crime, metaphorically speaking, was five black guys whose car had run out of gas–and they out of ideas, apparently–so they jacked a car, killed the woman and pitched the kid into the street.
      Lead’s the best answer.
      Lead abatement is a bear–talk to anybody in the building business.
      Problem is, if we make this a big deal, we are saying we have, in the inner city, a population of people an alarming number of whom are predisposed to senseless violence and nothing’s going to fix that, since the effects of lead are permanent.
      Nobody wants to go there in any big-idea sense.
      We’ve been using unleaded gas since about the mid-Seventies, which leaves old paint, I guess. Others have said it’s the tire-balancing weights which fly off and get ground up by traffic.
      Question is what to do with the information. Discover a lead-caused legal defense? Then what?

      During the fuss about Scott Walker’s improvements in Wisconsin’s financial situation, somebody joked about how highly-unionized WI did better in education than redneck Texas.
      MiT can draw some pride from the real facts. Texas does better than WI in each of three demographics, white, black, brown. But they have more of the second and third demographic than WI so that TX’ superiority in the first is outweighed.
      Good for you,Mike. Keep up the stellar work.

      • White kids didn’t behave like that when lead levels were high, and there’ve been a couple generations which have grown up since lead was banned.

        Then there’s the Mexican contingent.  Apparently, some popular chili-flavored candies manufactured there are very high in lead… and they are imported to the USA and given to children.  The stats for Hispanic children are below Europeans, but still higher than Blacks.

        It would be great if fixing some element in the environment could end violence and failure, but the evidence doesn’t suggest it’s that easy.

        • Richard Aubrey says:

          Talked to a contractor about his lead abatement certification. Older buildings have lead paint which is, apparently, somewhat sweet. Window sills are favorites for toddle gnawing. So goes the story.
          I was born in 1945, lived in an older home for about five years and then a newer apartment until there were enough starter homes for young guys after the war. Huge single-family build from about 1950–see Levittown–and thereafter. Not sure the paint was lead-based, but if not, anybody living in the new builds didn’t get it, and that would include a generation or two younger than me. Those stuck in older homes would be a different situation.

  10. Not surprising.

    “An adult black man is seven times more likely than his white counterpart to reside behind bars.

    Paradoxically, the largest disparities are found in political domains controlled by liberals — the leaders in the struggle for racial justice.

    State-by-state, the figures varied widely from 3.1 to 29.3. ”

    • Heaven forbid that we judge them, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character (and consequent nature of their behavior).  That has “disparate impact”, so I’m sure it’s racist or something.

    • Stacy in NJ says:

      Yes. This was my point. Those “tolerant” blue states are much more likely to support “compassionate” welfare programs that have the unintended (maybe not?) consequences of creating large groups of dependent citizens.

      Wisconsin is more racist than Mississippi because it is more paternalistic.