‘Just Move’ stamps declared ‘unsafe’

The U.S. Postal Service will destroy the entire press run of “Just Move” stamps because of safety concerns, reports Linn’s Stamp News.

Three of the stamps in the 15- stamp series show children performing a cannonball dive, skateboarding without kneepads, and doing a headstand without a helmet. That’s unsafe, according to members of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.

Michelle Obama, who’s been trying to encourage children to be more active, has popularized the “Just Move” slogan. She was set to take part in a first-day ceremony for the stamps — until someone decided kids need a helmet to do a headstand.

The campaign will need a new slogan: If you’re swaddled in protective gear and supervised by a certified adult, move. But be careful.

I keep looking for evidence this is a hoax. So far, nothing.

Hit & Run, which has pictures of all the “Just Move” stamps, finds more safety horrors: The baseball player isn’t wearing a helmet!

And what about the kid cartwheeling without a P.E. teacher’s supervision? The rope climber might fall!

Are we free to gambol?

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  1. Horrors!!! Children performing a cannonball dive!! Children skateboarding without kneepads!! Children doing a headstand without a helmet!!

    Just goes to show how out-of-touch these government “geniuses” are. According to them, we peons are entirely too stupid to look out for ourselves. If we didn’t have a government-approved Nanny, we’d never come in out of the rain.

    When will the insanity end?

    When did Americans become a bunch of eunuchs, afraid of their own shadow? Sorry, that’s not the America I grew up in.

    Screw the bureaucrats and the self-appointed overlords. Let’s all live dangerously. Run with scissors. Drive without a seat belt. Hammer nails without protective eyewear. Work without steel-toed shoes.

    Believe it or not, the world won’t end.

  2. Hope they don’t put out any stamps of people taking baths without helmets, because there’s a much higher risk of head injury doing that than a headstand.

  3. What, exactly, is the danger inherent in a cannonball? This has pretty much been a kid staple for millennia and I don’t ever recall a cannonball-related accident. With the headstand, wouldn’t the padding likely be on the floor (such as a yoga mat), rather than attached to your head? Does anyone, anywhere ever do yoga with a helmet?

    These people are nuts.

  4. Lee – I agree 100%. On top of that, think of the money wasted printing these stamps, since even more money was wasted destroying them… (They could have at least went on ahead and released the ones already printed, and not printed any more. But no… Wasting money and physical resources is an art that must be practiced!)

  5. Richard Aubrey says:

    Now that our betters have decreed the ‘elf and safety”, can we be arrested if our kid is seen doing a cannonball sans helmet?

    Sort of on topic.
    Tried the link, messed it up. There is a youtube vid of a Belgian boy who got himself up in a pretty good version of WW I highlander battle dress, kilt, tam, short jacket, preparing to salute a Canadian contingent marching toward the liberation of Belgium event some place.
    You can find it by searching youtube for “belgian boy”.
    The detachment commander shows some class, returning the salute and ordering “eyes right”, ordinarily only done for the Colors or the guest of honor on the saluting base.
    If the kid were American, every public skrewl administrator would be trying to find out who it was in order to expel him, send him to shrinks, or get him arrested. And Child Abductive Services would be on the job, too.
    It would be comforting to think I exaggerate. Comfort me, anyhow.

    Where do we get these people, and how can we put them back?

  6. Mike in Texas says:

    Its a wonder any of us ever made it to adulthood? I’m still trying to figure out how a cannonball is dangerous?

  7. Come on you guys, it’s not the safety of the kids that’s being protected but the career prospects of some unnamed functionaries who’ve established themselves as mighty protectors of children by finding opportunities to get hysterical over nothing.

    This is theater in which a pretense of concern for safety is highlighted by the pretense of real danger. As long as there’s something to be gained, and nothing to lose, in this pretense we’ll be treated to a never-ending serious of increasingly silly “dangers”.

    • @Allen: I have to disagree with “mighty protectors of children …” – this kind of attitude has become all too common. My McDonalds coffee now tells me: Caution! The beverage you are about to enjoy is extremely hot. Silica gel packs warn DO NOT EAT! The power substation has all kinds of signs – Caution High voltage! Forget the gas station. They want me to turn off my cell phone, pager and other electronic devices before dispensing gas. The list goes on and on. I mean – the subway doors tell you not to lean against them or bodily injury or death could result. And they’ve got little pictograms to illustrate. Adults are being protected too.

      I miss the old days when I siphoned LEADED gas by mouth and hopped on my motor cycle and sped across the field on my dirt bike. Or riding in the back of an open pickup to the lake hanging my head into the breeze.