Entrapping the handicapped

An undercover cop befriended an autistic 17-year-old, persuaded him to buy marijuana and arrested him, reports Reason TV.  Special-needs students made up most of the 22 teens arrested on drug charges at a Riverside County, California high school.

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  1. Stacy in NJ says:

    The cop is a scum-bag and needs to be horsewhipped. If punished at all, I’m sure it’ll be a temporary suspension with full pay. Our “public servants” at work, people.

    • The cop and his department will have the crap sued out of it by the parents of this kid. A person who is autistic (I’m sure he probably has an IEP) is disabled, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the feds charge the cop with violating the kid’s civil rights.

      He’s a scumbag alright. Entrapment all the way.

  2. Everything about this makes me sick. As the sister of someone with both autism and Down syndrome, it is unreal to me that someone would take advantage of someone in such a way. How in the world can this police officer justify his actions? Unreal.