Detroit schools offer Count Day bribes

Wednesday was Count Day for Michigan public schools. Ninety percent of state funding is linked to how many students show up on Oct. 2.

bikesHit hard by declining enrollment, Detroit Public Schools offered prizes to students who showed up, including iPad Minis, gift cards and bicycles.

Schools served a special menu: barbecue chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, seasoned green beans, cornbread muffins and peach cobbler

Bunche Academy made Count Day a no-uniform day and scheduled a dance for middle-school students and an ice cream social.

One lucky DPS student won an Xbox. Nearly one in four students received a prize of some kind.

A majority of school-age children in Detroit choose charter schools or district-run schools in the suburbs.

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  1. Bostonian says:

    Schools take daily attendance. Why doesn’t funding depend on average attendance over say a month?

  2. Stacy in NJ says:

    This is what we are now, America.

  3. Bostonian says:

    “It’s much easier to audit a measurement taken on just one day.”

    Then select a day at random from the past and have schools submit their attendance records for that day.

  4. Easier method would be to count the number of students actually ENROLLED by a given day and use that figure.

    The fact that students have to be bribed to show up for something they should be present for in the first place is pathetic indeed.

    You’d reward a student for perfect attendance, but to do this says, don’t show up and get rewarded anyways (sigh).


    • I wonder if the truant officers or school resource officers or whatever were out in force rounding up the herds of feral teens to get them to campus.

      Bill – if we used the enrolled number the crats would get extra bucks. Plus you’d have the whole Cook County voter experience – enroll early, enroll often! Timmy Smith? He graduated YEARS ago … Then why is he still enrolled?? Errrrmmm…

      Completely hypothetical of course.

  5. Good lord, this makes me sad. What Stacy in NJ said.

  6. Meh. Old news.

    The local media outlets regularly cover the DPS beating the bushes for kids on count day that the district will ignore the next day and the rest of the year.

    The district may not know, or care, what percentage of kids graduate but the district gloms onto every buck they can even if the administration’s too inept to spend the money. Not too tough to see what’s important in and to the public education system if you don’t choose to avert your gaze.