Instead of giving candy to “moderately obese” children, a Fargo, North Dakota woman will hand out a letter to parents, she told  Y94.

The letter states: “You child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this Halloween season.”

It continues: “My hope is that you will step up as a parent and ration candy this Halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits.”

The quality of “tricks” must not be very high in Fargo.

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  1. Does Guinness have a world record for the number of eggs a house has been hit with on Halloween?

    If not, it’s about to be set.

  2. As someone who has lost 70 pounds in about 13.5 months through exercise and modification of eating habits (I still like oreos, potato chips, buffets, etc), I find it annoying that someone who do this to people (esp. kids) who probably already know they have a weight problem.

    Unfortunately, it’s NOT a matter of eating treats, but how many treats and how often you eat them, along with appropriate exercise will usually result in weight loss, if you keep it up long enough.


  3. Michael E. Lopez says:

    There’s nothing wrong with thinking that a kid is fat and that he shouldn’t eat candy.

    There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to contribute to what you see as a problem.

    Heck, you can even think that someone else isn’t a good parent.

    But this sanctimonious interfering nose-in-others’-business crap?

    Couldn’t she just turn off her porch light and keep it all to herself?

    • Richard Aubrey says:

      WRT your last question: What’s the fun in that?
      Making other people feel bad and then saying in tones of innocent hurt, “I’m doing it for their own good,” or “I’m just being honest” is as much fun as a certain kind of person can have in their –too bad we have to put up with it–life.

  4. Deirdre Mundy says:

    It’s going to be great when she gives the letter to some kid who looks chunky because of the steroids that go along with his chemotherapy. Or to the kid who is teetering on the edge of an eating disorder. Or to the kid who already gets teased about her weight all the time…….

    Yeah. Keep it classy, lady. At least it will be clear to all the kids where the witch’s house is…..

  5. It takes a special kind of nasty killjoy to want to do that to little kids. Little kids who are “different” in some way are already painfully aware of it. (I was a skinny kid – I’m a fat adult – but I was “weird” in other ways and I was made aware of that Every. Day. Of. My. Life. at school)