Advising Corps raises college aspirations

The National College Advising Corps sends recent college graduates to high schools to help low-income students understand their postsecondary options, get waivers for admissions test fees, write essays and apply for financial aid.

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  1. I am all for more and better advising, but I’d like to see a wider focus that would include vo tech options – which should ideally begin in HS. It used to be common for kids to come out of HS ready for jobs in cosmetology, nursing/medical assisting, mechanics, secretarial (now I guess that’s admin assistants) and many other areas. I’m afraid that some of the kids from this program will be mismatched with colleges, on SAT score evidence. Such kids might well be better advised to start as a nursing assistant or LPN and have a decent job while preparing (remediating weak areas) for an ADN – just as an example. I’d really like to see the end of the it’s-either-college-or-fail-in-life viewpoint. For those prepared for real college-level work and motivated for it, this program sounds promising.

    • More info says:

      It is! they help students with the applicationa and financial aid process for ALL colleges… college, cosmetology college, barber college…vocational college. They help students were they are….All students. 🙂