The real ‘Glee’

Glee really exists at a Levittown, Pa. high school, reports the New York Times. Harry S. Truman High draws from a blue-collar town that’s lost its union jobs.

Eric Ogden for The New York Times

Mariela Castillo, a star of “Good Boys and True.”

“As the community was going to pieces, (Lou) Volpe built Truman’s drama program into one of the best in America, and the school itself into something like a de facto high school for the performing arts. He and his assistant director, a student of his in the early ’90s, taught nothing but theater — three levels of it, plus musical theater. A third teacher, also a former student, taught theater to ninth graders.”

Athletes also are actors at Truman High.

A football player who left the team for theater, a baseball player and a lacrosse player won the male roles in “Good Boys and True.”

Volpe draws would-be actors “from every self-defined and self-limiting clique” in the school.


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